Types of Services Offered

-Event Development & Production
-Creative Design & Styling
-Venue & Destination Services
-Performances, Demonstrations & Entertainment
-Sports & Lifestyle Programs
-Sponsorship & Procurement


Do you need support in delivering your events and their objectives?

Are you struggling with the budget of some of your events? Perhaps your budget limits the resources you can call on. You have to save costs whilst coping with ever-increasing event requirements.

This is where Organisers.Events can help. Our event consultants can steer you towards your goals – and away from unnecessary costs, wasted time and common errors.

By applying our wealth of experience and knowledge we can help you plan efficiently, open doors to industry specialists, and introduce experts, discounted suppliers and potential sponsors.

Using an events consultant is an investment in knowledge and time. We help you learn by doing. We transfer our knowledge to you and your team.

The value we add and money we save often covers our consultancy fees … and the peace of mind we deliver is priceless.

Call us for a free initial consultation and introduction to this service… email us today!

Our Events Consultancy service steers you through four clearly defined stages. Each of these stages breaks down into 4 areas giving a comprehensive step by step plan for reassurance, peace of mind and event success.

Stage 1. Introduction/understanding your needs
Stage 2. Mapping / Planning
Stage 3. Event Delivery
Stage 4. Evaluation and Appreciation

We can be commissioned to guide you through any or all of these stages. Our aim is to work as an integrated part of your team so that we can share and pass on our knowledge, developing your skills while guiding your through your event.

Remember – Failing to Plan is Planning to fail!  Call us now !

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