Title: Basic Club Management
Course Type: SkillsFuture Course

Course Target: Age 25 & Above
Course Duration: On-going
Course Short Description: Advanced Events Management
Course Legislation: Singapore
Course Category: Skills Future Courses

Course Objectives: This basic course will provide participants with the practical skills and knowledge required to successfully plan, implement, organize, manage, monitor and evaluate the daily operations at the club.

Course Contents:
1) Introduction to various types of clubs
Introduction to the various types of clubs – membership clubs, public clubs, sole proprietors’ club, etc.
2) Sources of club revenue
What are the main income streams of the various types of clubs and the importance of it to club finances.
3) Food and beverage management
Understanding why food and beverage is the backbone of any club. Food and beverage’s relation with the activities and events of the club.
4) Club marketing and advertising
Various marketing channels available to clubs. How marketing in clubs have changed in the last 3/5/10 years.
5) Club events and activities
Participants will better understand the significant of club events and activities and how members relate to them.

Target Audience: Club events coordinators, Sports Personnel, Administrative Assistants, Project Officers




Inaugural class commencing on June 2017

Second run in September 2017

Third run in December 2017

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