Title: Advanced Events Management
Course Type: SkillsFuture Course

Course Target: Age 25 & Above
Course Duration: On-going
Course Short Description: Advanced Events Management
Course Legislation: Singapore
Course Category: Skills Future Courses

Course Objectives: This advance course will provide participants with the practical skills and knowledge to not only successfully plan, implement, organize, manage, monitor and evaluate events, but it also aims to enhance the participants networking capabilities which is critical to opening up more opportunities and resources for the company and for themselves.

Course Contents:
1) The Event Planning Process
– Basic principles necessary to master Event Management
– The knots and bolts involved in event planning (Needs assessment and feasibility study)
– The key elements necessary to ensure that your event is successful (Murphy’s Law)
– How to conduct an effective venue inspection
– The use of SWOT analysis and Time Lines to formulate an effective event plan.

2) Event Team Dynamics
– Team skills, understanding the different tasks, activities, and functions of your team when planning an event.
– Job delegation & assignment
– Establishing the reporting process and chain of command in decision making
– All elements involved in coordinating the event from start to completion.
– The importance of adopting the right attitude, one of problem solving and coming up with solutions, the ability to think on your feet.
– How to develop an Event Checklist.

3) Contingency Planning
– The importance of health and safety assessments
– Incorporation of Legal, Ethical and Risk Management factors when planning events.
– The importance of evaluation and feedback
– Monitoring and managing performance quality

4) Event Aftermath
– Feedback, Post Mortem, Evaluation & Appreciation
– The importance of gathering feedback, conducting a post mortem,
– Project evaluation and appreciation.



Inaugural class commencing on June 2017

Second run in September 2017

Third run in December 2017

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